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MFWG Machinery is a dedicated group of experienced general working machinery specialists working together in the capital cities to provide our oil drilling and other industries with the best value for money equipment to serve their individual requirements. Whether high, medium or small production is required, we have the machines to suit all those customers’ needs.

With the head office and warehouse in China, we have machines in stock, plus a substantial holding of spare parts to support the machines already in use, short delivery times are usually available for most of our models.

As a group, we are determined to provide the most satisfying experience possible to every client who purchases a machine and we already have many testimonials to that effect from existing customers around.

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Expert Partners Agree

“Our experience with MFWG was outstanding. We want to thank the whole MFWG Machinery team for assisting us with our purchase. For us as a small business, it will be a great addition to our equipment inventory. Again I just wanted to thank MFWG for your assistance and support.”

HARRY SMITH, SmithMachinery

“Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest. When you invest in real estate, you often see a side of humanity that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and saving money shelter you from.”

JOHN DOE, J.Machinery

“Your crew was on time and prepared. They had all the right tools to make the job look easy. Please let your crew know myself and my team appreciate their efforts.”


“Please express that our team is very happy with the professional job your crew did. I knew you guys would get good tools for the job done right!”


“Thank you to your crew for a job well done. Your team did a job that 4 other rigging companies and our own on-base shop said they couldn’t do. Watching you maneuver the take-up winch with the Versa-Lift forklift was awesome. And your rigging expertise and on-site suggestions in solving some of our equipment configuration problems was greatly appreciated.”

FLORES CAMBELL, Your Content Goes Here

“Basically, your TEAM made me look like a ROCK STAR. Not many people believed we could accomplish the move in a 5 day schedule. Your TEAM proved them wrong and it’s greatly appreciated. Your company represented professionalism and completed the job in a very safe manner and ahead of my schedule expectations.”


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